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Johannes Roberts goes back underwater for the sequel to his 2017 shark-dodging thriller. Read the #47MetersDownUncaged review:

Actually getting a few moments of time to watch some of the Flash, starring @JohnWesleyShipp I love the original series!

#TheFlash #BarryAllen #JohnWesleyShipp @BruceWayne5150

Well, time to move on to #StarTrek #DS9 on #Netflix. I actually really love this Trek so looking forward to seeing it all again... for the third time. 😄

16-year-old Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, is planning to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in a zero-carbon-emissions racing yacht as part of a months-long climate tour of the Americas.

Who has the Batman Who Laughs infected with evil? @williamson_josh visits #DCDaily to tease the mystery in BATMAN/SUPERMAN:

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